Career Development

Consistent with its overall mission of bringing greater diversity to the game of golf, the APGA Tour implements personal and professional career development programs during its tour year. Programs are offered at select tour sites focusing on the personal skills and competencies required for obtaining career opportunities in golf and other professions. Additionally, Personal Brand Development programs are designed to provide tools for APGA members to strategically position and promote themselves to sponsors and the media.


Personal Skills and Competencies Development Program

Some of the topics covered in this program phase include effective resume preparation and factors that contribute to peak performance.

Personal Brand Development Discussion

The PCD program seeks to help its players understand the importance of marketing themselves to key stakeholders such as sponsors, tournament directors and the media. This session also gives players the tools to maximize the opportunities with those key stakeholders.

Building Your Personal Brand

During the tour year, Development sessions on specific strategies and tactics will be provided to players on how they can customize their personal attributes, values, personality etc.  to build their personal brands.

For more information on our Career Development Program, please contact:
Gene Boykins